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Stargate Universe

Well. This is the third time I try to watch SG-U, and to my great surprise it's actually not as terrible as I remembered.

Okay. It's still terrible, just not unwatchable any more. And I've just had a couple of eps where Daniel and Jack guests, so that helped. Damn, I've missed RDA's ability to do some small thing, completely unrelated to the scene, that makes it all about 15 times more enjoyable to watch.

If there's one thing about SG-U, it is that it's so God damned predictable. Every single time something unexpected happens, it's bad. Every single time something new happens, it's worse. Every episode is pretty much a compilation of; "Okay, they're screwed. How can we make it worse?"

It gets pretty tiresome over time. :-/

ETA: I also suspect I woukd care more about the big season 1 cliffhanger where everyone's in peril, if this hadn't been standard fare in every freaking episode all season through. Really.

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