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Career, car and clothes.

It's all about the C's today. It was career-day at the university, and since I haven't actually bought any clothes for about two years, I needed to start out the day buying something a little more... professional than was in my closet. And considering I'm plus-sized, that's a whole lot harder than I think it ought to be. Apparently plus-sized women don't have jobs where they need to look smart.

Then on to the career-day. Too many people for my tastes, by far. And since my education is both tiny and mostly unknown, nobody are really interested. Plus... I can smalltalk with the best of them, but low self-esteem and anxiety-issues means that making contact with complete strangers is a huge deal for me. Also... I'm very uncomfortable just hanging around, waiting for someone to have time. And given the number of people, that was pretty much all there was to do.

Lastly; car. My car is from '92, and I've had a lot of issues with it. It's cost me more in repairs over the past six years than I bought it for, 6 years ago. And now it's time for the bi-annual checkup, required by the state, and I'm not going to go through with that. What I am going to do... is try to make up my mind to buy my first-ever new car. I'm kind of keen on the new VW up!, but it's a big decision...

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Mar. 6th, 2012 06:15 pm (UTC)
I hear ya sister. Whenever I walk into a plus-size shop the things are just waaay too big and not in a good way. I can fit in the "things" all right but I get as big as truck or a tent. Even though you're big you would also like some clothes that fits you in all the right places.

Frustrating !!

Well you did it....the career-day I mean.. and that's a big thing in my world. Good for you sweetie.
Mar. 6th, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
95% is A-shaped or in other ways tent-like. It's enough to piss a girl off - not least when she's spent months looking at Penelope Garcia's chic wardrobe. :-(

But... I got two nifty blouses, a top, a pair of pants and a white button-down shirt I'm really fond of. And a new jacket, which was the only model they had that wasn't A-shaped. Jeezuz. Maybe I should just start my own clothes-line, designed to remind people that just because we're big, doesn't mean that we don't have shapes, nor that those shapes should be hidden away like they aren't there at all. I don't want to look like a tent - I've still got curves, you know? :-)